Iberville Parish American Revolutionary War Site

In Construction 

Because Iberville Parish is where the American Revolutionary War was started by Bernardo De Galvez when he declared the Spanish War against the English, I believe an American Revolution War Site should be located in the Historic District of Plaquemine. The site could have an Historical Marker, preferable a Louisiana Marker, similar to Chapter 1 of"

Fort Manchac Declaration of War Historic Marker  (Has details from links as mentioned below)

A room of an existing managed building could be used for the site if a room exist? Install a section with  downsized physical area of the Fort Manchac Battle and Baton Rouge Battle similar to the display in the Plaquemine Locks but only static view. Lights with buttons could be pushed for an audio reading of the locations along the way but only manual for simple maintenance. 

A second section with Historic written documents of the Spanish March from New Orleans to Natchez

Mississippi, Historic documents of how Galvez helped the Continental Congress with ammunition and weapons supplied to them, details of how the Revolutionary War was defended by the capturing of the Mississippi River by Galvez stopping the English from coming thru the back door to the 13 states, details of how Galvez defended the French so they could fight the war with Americans and discussions Galvez had with American leaders to help form the USA.

A full size portrait of Galvez should be displayed as displayed in a Congressional Senate Foreign Relations Committee room in Washington year 2014.

Also a picture of Galvez burial Cemetery in Mexico City, Church of San Fernando and a separate burial sight of his heart at the Cathedral of Mexico.

A third section with a video of the March of Galvez and possible the Plaquemine Locks video room could be used? And Tourist will also visit the Locks.

A large sign at the parking lot could be displayed stating similar to:

The Start of the American Revolutionary War 

in what is known as Iberville Parish by the Spanish declaration of the war against the English.